Since there is no fee for horse sessions, we rely on donations to care for our horses and maintenance of the grounds. We accept Donations through GoFundMe and PayPal for which the button is at the bottom of this page.


Sponsor a Horse

Sponsorship of a horse pays for: hay, grain, supplements/vitamins, routine vaccinations, veterinary and farrier care, grooming, and fly management.

$30 will buy sawdust bedding for 3 horses for 2 weeks.
$60 will buy hay for 3 horses for a month.
$120 will pay for de-wormer for 3 horses for a year.
$240 will pay for medication for 1 horse for 6 months.

Item Donations


  1. Gift certificate (Tractor Supply Company, & Family Farm & Home).
  2. Maxum Crumbles Vitamin/Mineral supplement. – $44.95
  3. Gut Health pellets ( – $49.95
  4. Safe-Guard Power-Dose Horse Dewormer or Panacur Powerpac Horse Dewormer – $65.00
  5. Pyranha Wipe-N-Spray Fly Repellent.
  6. Pine shavings.


  1. 1-2 truckloads of sand.
  2. 3-4′ spruce trees.